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Congratulations! I'm assuming you made it to this page because you want to talk with us about how you can keep your family out of court or out of conflict when something happens to you.

Learn what you need to know…. Or just something you would like to know. Register for one of our upcoming free presentations and we'll share with you something special that we have learned over the years or through our wonderful community here in Exeter. If it’s a topic related to the services we offer, we will also share with you how much those services cost (no holds barred).

​Guardian Nomination Workshop
Chester Academy PTA Program
Thursday, April 18
7:00pm - 8:30pm

Chester Academy PTA has sponsored an amazing program led by Sage Legal to educate parents about how to choose the right guardians for minor children (and not make any of the common mistakes made - even by lawyers), how to handle money that is left behind for your kids, and how to make sure that your kids don't land with anyone you would never want taking care of them. 

Each participant will go home having completed a guardian nomination form.

Chester Academy

Murphy Drive

Chester, NH 03036

Authentic Relating Games Night

Thursday, April 25
6:00pm - 8:30pm

authentic relating games night

Come join us to hone your communication skills to allow you to show up authentically in any circumstance.

Join us at the Sage Legal, LLC Office

Coffee With The Counselor
Every Friday
11:00am - 12:00pm

When I moved my law practice to Exeter, I decided that I wanted to be accessible to clients, potential clients, and my community. I knew I wanted to host a regular open drop-in hour weekly that provided flexibility, an opportunity to talk about whatever people want, and gave me the chance to just get to know people and what's on their mind. Welcome, I look forward to meeting you. :) 

Sage Legal, LLC
111 Water Street
2nd floor, Number 5
Exeter, NH 03833

Do you love to ski?
And love to network?

Join Us For A SKI DAY! 

Date: Powder Day (TBD)

ski exeter

If you're looking for an excuse to call in with a case of the powder flu, join our invite-only ski networking group. We have a couple of weekday events in the works for a pop-up ski day at a couple different New Hampshire ski areas.

Discount lift tickets, a special group area to ourselves, and a sponsored social hour mid-day or at apres time. Just add snow!

Let us know you are interested and we will be sure you make the invite list! We can even work on getting a doctor's note for missing a work day, although we aren't planning to go to Park City for them (just yet) :)

​Plus, here is a sampling of ​additional topics for presentations and webinars coming up:
  • Kids Protection Planning Workshop
  • The Basics of Wills, Trusts, and Probate
  • Health and Wellness Programs with knowledgeable members of our community
  • Food and Beverage sessions
  • Communication Skills - how to de-fuse and resolve conflicts without Angela at your side
  • Essential Oils and their unlimited possibilities in our lives
  • Real Estate - what you need to know to buy, sell, or refi (with guest speakers)
  • Personal Finance - from car shopping, to best credit cards, to choosing a financial professional
  • Aging parents - where do you get help navigating the myriad of care options?
  • Divorce - it’s coming, or it’s over. So what’s next?
  • Mindset - how it shapes what we do in the world and the outcomes in all sorts of life situations

​​​​As you can see, we offer education on a variety of life topics - not just those that relate to the services we offer. We appreciate the trust you, our loyal community and clients, place in us and we love to return the favor with valuable in-person education events. 

If you have an interest in a topic not on our list, please reach out and we will see if we can put together a program tailored to your interest! We love learning, too, and likely know an experienced person to lead our group.

Speaking Engagements

Ask Angela to speak at your local business or your next group event. Angela has presentations ready about :

  • Estate Planning 101
  • Protecting Your Kids Through Estate Planning
  • Children's Guardian Nomination Workshop
  • Charitable Giving
  • Something Special For Your Group?  Just Ask!

Book Angela for a presentation


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