More Than A Lawyer

Have you ever wanted your own in-house counsel?

The big companies have not just their own in-house lawyer, but an entire legal team. Those are the lawyers that know the business inside and out and can anticipate the company’s needs before they even arise. Those lawyers sit poised, ready to pounce on a moment’s notice, to leap into action.

“Whoa… I could never afford something like that,” you may think.

Well, you may be right. An entire legal department is pretty darn expensive. But you may not need an entire legal team, just your own part-time lawyer who is there when you need them.

So, I invite you open yourself up to the idea of having your “own” lawyer.

After years of practicing law (almost 20 to be exact), I have seen time and time again the companies that have an ongoing relationship with a lawyer who really understands their business are often the most successful.


“Oh, come on. You’re just saying that because you’re a lawyer….” you may be thinking.

Actually, I am saying it because I saw it to be true in many circumstances.

Here are a few examples of what I have observed over the years.

Companies who have or work with a lawyer regularly have fewer conflicts in their business because:

  1. 1
    They have well written agreements in place that reflect the intention of the parties involved;
  2. 2
    They have spelled out the expectations they have of their employees in an employment agreement;
  3. 3
    They are prepared to respond to issues that arise in connection with their business, whether it is dealing with problems of customers, understanding insurance coverages and limits, or just being ready to handle the total unexpected situation; and
  4. 4
    They develop a structured, common sense risk management program that protects the interests unique to their particular business.

As a lawyer who started out my career in courtrooms and in front of arbitration panels, and who worked on the inside of the insurance world for high risk exposure recreational sports industries, I have seen what works and what doesn’t.

Now I teach my clients how to be proactive in staying out of trouble.


First and foremost, we are throwing out the timeclock for most work. Because so many clients really dislike the bills that come from lawyers. The hourly charges. Even photocopying and telephone charges (or even coffee – I have heard of law offices charging clients for the coffee the receptionist offered up on arrival).

That happens. Still. Today.


So we have created a flat fee subscription model to deliver valuable content to you on a regular basis. So your legal bills are much more predictable. And when something unexpected does pop up, you’re much better positioned to handle it.


Here’s what every client enrolled in our programs receives each month:

  • Special newsletter content directed to you, a business owner
  • Monthly webinars that will give you a legal education you never thought you could get (and enjoy)
  • Easy access to us for quick questions by email or text
  • Regular one-on-one meetings (quarterly, monthly, or weekly, depending on the plan level you choose) to get clear on where you are now, what legal and risk exposures you have, and a clear, prioritized action plan to address them
  • One group business development coaching call per month
  • Access to the group coaching calls in our separate life coaching business

We have programs for those just starting out (because we want to support you in building your foundation and supporting you as you grow), for those beyond the startup stage and looking to scale bigger, and for companies well-established and thriving.

How much of our one-on-one time together you want each month, and where you fall on that spectrum, is up to you.

What are you waiting for? Get the right lawyer on your team and foster a relationship that leaves you feeling comfortable to pick up the phone to call whenever you like (and saying yes to the coffee). Our basic plan for those just getting going starts at just $750 per month with a 1 year commitment. How can you afford not to have your “own” lawyer?

If this sounds interesting to you, I invite you to book your LIFT session sooner rather than later. Especially if you fall into one or more of these categories:

  1. 1
    You have historically worked with lawyers only when the real “need” arises – i.e., in crisis mode – and the billing just about killed you;
  2. 2
    You sometimes have highly specialized legal needs because of the industry you are in – and you have no idea how much of the work of those specialized lawyers truly needs to be done by those higher rate specialists;
  3. 3
    You are hoping to scale up your business this year or next and have been thinking about hiring some consultants to figure out how best to approach it; or
  4. 4
    You appreciate the value of mindset and attitude in your business and with your employees and are contemplating how to introduce programming into your workplace to address just that.


I’ll address each one separately:

  1. 1
    We do not do hourly billing. We just don’t. Clients don’t like it. We don’t either. We want you to feel comfortable asking for help when you need it. And we want you to reach out when you just feel like talking, too.We also want to keep you out of crisis mode. Ever heard the expression “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure?” It’s true, especially in the legal world. A good friend of mine in the financial services world explains getting ahead of things as planning for a wedding, not a funeral. The world of options is limitless when planning for a wedding. The timing and choices are all yours to make. A funeral, however, typically gets planned when it’s needed. And that limits choices for lots of reasons.
  2. 2
    I have seen hourly rates of specialized lawyers top $800 per hour. Yes. $800 per hour.During my time in the insurance industry, I managed our outside counsel and learned a lot about identifying the need for specialists, setting a budget and an agreed upon legal plan in advance, and holding them to it. If you need this type of legal management, odds are just working with us on this alone will save you money.
  3. 3
    We have loads of content, do lots of webinars, and have business coaching services available to our clients. If you are part of our membership program, you’ll have access to this, too. It may be all you need instead of high priced consultants, or working through our systems together may help guide you to spending your consulting dollars in a much more focused, effective way. You’ll know what you really truly need to spend.
  4. 4
    I discovered recently that over the years, I have helped many people in ways that have nothing to do with being a lawyer. As a result, I started up a separate life coaching business. I run weekly group calls around conflict management and prevention, mindset and attitude, health and wellness, and so many other topics. I also have access to plenty of other coaches and consultants for a wide variety of programming that brings positive change, productivity tips, and lots of other good things to people regularly. These things may seem “touchy feely” or “woowoo,” but I have seen time and time again what an excellent customer service experience does to conflict – it reduces or eliminates it. Good attitudes equal good business.As part of our membership program for business owners, you will have complimentary access to our regular calls for you and your employees (up to 10 – additional charges may apply for larger employee bases).

Money Mapping Your Success 

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Get clarity around where you are now, where you want to go next, and aligning your time, energy, and money.

Launch Date: May 13th!

So what are you waiting for? Book a 15 minute call with us to learn more, or schedule a LIFT session at no charge to get clear on where you are now, what your risks are, and what you can do to move your business up to the next level.

We look forward to connecting with you.

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