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Angela discovered the joys of taking deep breaths, stopping to listen for the sake of listening (instead of for the sake of waiting for a chance to respond), assuming the best of intent behind people’s actions, and general mindfulness after experiencing a major life change in recent years and brings a bit of that to every client interaction. She has found her life (personal and professional) and tennis game have improved dramatically as a result. Namaste!

Apr 15

Protecting Your Child with a Special Needs Trust

By Angela Hayden

When you have a family member with special needs, it is important to understand that your estate planning strategy is unique and requires the assistance of an attorney experienced in creating Special Needs Trusts. If an inheritance is left directly to your family member with special needs, or in a “regular” trust, it could result […]

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Mar 19

Could an IRA Trust Benefit Your Family?

By Angela Hayden

Unlike most of your assets, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) do not pass to your family through a will. Instead, upon your death, your IRA will pass directly to the people you named via your IRA beneficiary designation form.Unless you take extra steps, the named beneficiary can do whatever he or she wants with the account’s […]

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Mar 18

4 Big-Time Benefits of Effective Business Systems

By Angela Hayden

From payroll and project management to invoicing and inventory, business systems are vital to your organization’s efficiency and sustainability. Without effective systems, your team is likely to become bogged down by the countless small tasks they must complete on a daily basis just for your business to function.  While many basic processes may not seem like […]

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